Best Places Serving Steamy & Delicious Momos In Ahmedabad

You all must have heard about the craze for Momos North Indians have, but do you know how this name ‘momo’ came from? As the origin of momo is claimed to be originated from Tibet, Nepal or northeast India, the name comes from the Tibetan word ‘mog-mog’. These little momos are nothing but little dumplings filled with things like vegetables, tofu or meat. The thing about these hot and steamy momos is you won’t be able to resist to taste one if you are a true momo lover. Living in Ahmedabad and finding a good place that serves delicious momos seemed difficult at starting but eventually thanks to the foodies’ community, I managed to find few places that serve tasty momos without any experimental tastes. So if you ever wondered about where to eat momos in Ahmedabad then here is your cheat sheet!

Top Places Serving Lip-smacking Momos In Ahmedabad:

1. Momoman

Momoman | Momos In Ahmedabad
Source: Sunny Chui Fernandes

2. Momos Cart, CEPT Khau Gali

Momos Cart | Momos In Ahmedabad
Source: @thevegfoodbuff

3. Cafe De Italiano, CG Road

Cafe De Italiano | Momos In Ahmedabad
Source: Hungrito

4. Amdos Kitchen, Paldi

Momos In Ahmedabad | Amdos Kitchen
Source: @onlyfoodstuff

5. Mainland China, SG Highway

Steamy food| Mainland china
Source: @onlyfoodstuff

6. Wok On Fire, Bodakdev

Steamy and delicious food| Wok on fire
Source: Zomato

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