Must Visit Cafes In Dehradun

Be it hot-piping coffee from the classic old cafe or a cup of hot-chocolate from a fancy modern eatery, Dehradun has everything to offer! We strongly believe that when we’re on a vacation, it is totally incomplete without some oh-so-amazing foooooodd, just like you! Dehradun is indeed a nature and food lover’s paradise! Hey, what are you thinking now? Start planning! Make sure to visit these immensely welcoming, cheerful, and colorful cafes in Dehradun that we’ve listed below for you.

1. Best Buddy’s Restro Cafe

Popular eateries| Best buddy's restro cafe

Best Buddy’s Restro Cafe is a wow place to hang out with your cool buddies if you’re looking to unplug from your daily routine. Treat your taste buds with the gigantic range of dishes that the cafe has to offer. You’ll love it more due to the delightful presentation of their food dishes and beverages. Along with the peaceful and pretty ambience it also consists of beautiful interiors like hand-painted walls, nice, and soft music. It is a wholesome bundle of delicious food with almost every variety and is great for organizing birthday parties.

Price – Rs. 1200/- approx.
Available Cuisines –
Chinese, North Indian, Continental, Fast Food
Must-Try Food Dishes – Chilli Garlic Noodles, Desi Veg Pizza, Red Sauce Pasta, Cranberry Juice, Onion Rings, Falafel, Waffles

2. Chhaya Cafe

Eateries in the town| Chayya cafe
Source: Zomato

Looking for a place for birthday parties, friends reunion, or get together in Dehradun? Well, Chayya cafe would be a wonderful option for the same. It is well-known for its awesome ambience comprising of an indoor and outdoor seating with a magnificent space. This beautiful place where you can plan some amazing shoots as it has a breathtaking view. You’ll feel more comfortable and happy with its friendly staff and the scrumptious food options.

Price –
Rs. 500/- approx.
Available Cuisines –
Continental, Chinese, North Indian
Must-Try Food Dishes – Hot Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Walnut Cake, Coffee, Freshly Baked Breads

3. Café Marigold

Cafes in Dehradun| Cafe marigold

Cafe Marigold is a decent place prominent for its great ambience and seating area. You can visit the the cafe with your loved ones as its not just a small cozy eatery but is also situated in a mesmerizing location of old Rajput road. Along with a pretty sitting area, they they also have board games and card games for the your entertainment. Moreover, this beautiful place serves you some of the yummiest delicacies with an affordable food menu!

Price – Rs. 500/- approx.
Available Cuisines –
Chinese, Fast Food
Must-Try Food Dishes – Veg Rolls, Hot Coffee, Pancakes, Herb Fries, White Sauce Pasta, Chocolate, Lemon Honey Ginger Tea, Honey Chili Potatoes

4. Lemon Grass Cafe

Pretty eateries in the city| lemon grass cafe
Source: Swiggy

Lemon Grass Cafe is one of the beautiful cafes in the city that’ll impress you from it’s pleasant indoor and outdoor seating to it’s ambience. The place looks pleasing during the rains. It offers delectable food items and is apt for quick bites. You’ll be happy to know that their friendly and helpful staff believes in serving good and hygienic delights. A pocket friendly cafe and an ideal place to spend quality time with your loved ones indeed.

Price –Rs. 400/- approx.
Available Cuisines –
Fast Food, Chinese
Must-Try Food Dishes – Chili Cheese Toast, Veg Momos, Lemon Honey Tea, Pao Bhaji, Chili Noodles, Vanilla Shake, Masala French Fries

5. The Mudcup Cafe

Cafes in Dehradun| The mudcup cafe

The Mudcup Cafe is a cozy, comfortable, and simple yet classy place! It’s wooden interior is really appealing that makes you feel lively. As soon as you enter the cafe you’ll feel the positive vibe due to its lovely ambience with natural sunlight. The eatery is popular for providing prompt service, kind staff, and reasonable price of the food dishes.

Price – Rs. 600/- approx.
Available Cuisines –
Italian, Beverages, Fast Food
Must-Try Food Dishes – Falafel with Pita Bread, Pancakes, Waffles, Fruit Punch Waffle, Thin Crust Pizza, Cappuccino, Strawberry Shake, Oreo Frappe, Iced Mocha

6. Jalapenos

Cafes in Dehradun| Jalapenos

All the dog lovers out there, this place is a must visit as you’ll find some cute and loving dogs here. Jalapenos is a couple friendly place that is small and cozy with peaceful environment. The charming ambience along with the interiors of the cafe are absolutely notable and is also well-known for its awesome quality and quantity of eatables. Their courteous staff makes you have the extravagant dine in experience.

Price – Rs. 750/- approx.
Available Cuisines –
Italian, Mexican
Must-Try Food Dishes – Kullad Chai, Mac N Cheese, French Hot Chocolate, Cheese Bombs, Chocolate Ganache Pancake, Quesadilla

7. Cafe De Piccolo

Cafes in Dehradun| Cafe de piccolo
Source: bakemywayin/ Instagram

Cafe De Piccolo is a stunning place with a beautiful European entrance. It comprises of indoor and outdoor seating with perfectly decorated fairy lights. The cozy vibes of the place, pretty interiors, welcoming staff, and insta-worthy ambience are the highlights of the eatery. Cafe De Piccolo is a couple friendly place and is also a fine place to hang out with your loved ones.

Price – Rs. 800/- approx.
Available Cuisines – 
Italian, Fast Food, Beverages
Must-Try Food Dishes – Creamy Mushroom Pasta, Caramel Coffee, Waffle, Hot Chocolate, Pancakes, Nutella Cheesecake

8. First Gear Cafe

Cafes in Dehradun| First gear cafe
Source: Zomato

First Gear Cafe is an amazing place with and is one of the best hilltop cafes. Got great view which gets more beautiful during the monsoon. It is ideal for couples and friends groups. Along with delectable food items they own to the popularity of their famous dishes i.e Maggi-point and Momo-point. The eatery is also well-known for pretty ambience with lush greenery, location, and seating arrangement.

Price – Rs. 700/- approx.
Available Cuisines – 
Chinese, Italian, Beverages
Must-Try Food Dishes – Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Virgin Mojito, Oreo Shake, Chocolate Shake, White Sauce Pasta, Maggie

9. Y Cafe

Best eateries in the city| Y cafe
Source: Zomato

People say that Y Cafe is one of the most beautiful and instagrammable cafes in the town. It lies in the heart of Dehradun which is a complete package of good food and music. The cafe has vintage-themed ambience with a hint of modern shade. The eatery is highly popular for it’s friendly service, romantic seating with spacious indoor arrangement, live music, bookstand, and board games.

Price – Rs.500/- approx.
Available Cuisines – 
Continental, Fast Food, Mexican, Salads
Must-Try Food Dishes –  Hand Beaten Coffee, Cupcakes, Smoothie, Black Forest Shake, Burgers, Club Sandwich

10. Rising Dough

popular food places | Rising dough
Source: TripAdvisor

Rising Dough is a must-visit cafe if you love treating your taste buds with desserts! The cafe offers mouth-watering Italian delicacies and the cakes are treat for the eyes and heart. Relish the great variety of desserts, cheesecakes, and their drool-worthy menu is to dive in for!

Price – Rs. 500/- approx.
Available Cuisines –
Bakery, Italian
Must-Try Food Dishes – Walnut Cake, Mud Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Cappuccino, Chocolate Tart, Dry Fruit cookies

Which of these wonderful cafes in Dehradun tops your list? We’d also like to know if you’ve already visited any of these.
Apart from these happening cafes, Dehradun is also famous for caves, markets, cozy serene spaces, any many more things to explore.

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