Hungrito's Guide To Best Red Velvet Dishes In Ahmedabad

A Quick Guide To The Best Red Velvet Dishes In Ahmedabad

Red Velvet has undoubtedly become the latest desert-rage these days! It is usually topped with yummy cream cheese frosting. Even though the this flavor finds a place in most cafe menus but it’s more or less just RED coloured deserts instead of the original flavour. So here we are, your saviour with some amazing must try red velvet flavours around Ahmedabad.

1. Ice cream at Cryo Lab

Delicious ice-cream| Cryo lab
Source: Mansi

2. Cheesecake at Dangee Dums

Cheesecake| Dangee dums
Source: Bineet Hora

3. Cupcake at Cocoa Drama

Red velvet| Cupcake at cocoa drama
Source: Vinish Lonhare

4. Pancake at Bubble Pop

Red velvet| Pancake at bubble pop
Source: @foodparadise_ahmedabad

5. Pastry at All The Perks

Red velvet| Pastry at all the perks
Source: Dhruvika Nagori

My heart melted down as I wrote this blog. Red velvet is irresistibly my favourite dessert these days. Do try these all out and let me know your reviews.To know more about this awesome city and the life of Hungrito in the city follow us on FacebookInstagram.

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