Top 10 Burger Places In Ahmedabad

‘Yaar burger nai khaadhu ghana time thi, Aaje college pachi jaie”. A burger is actually a hunger savior. It is the perfect food dish when you are hungry,  but not too hungry. It is a fulfilling meal that soothes our taste buds and satisfies our cravings too. We’re always in search of new burger places in the town, and that led to the creation of this list that consists of the top 10 burger places in Ahmedabad.

All of these places serve distinctly flavored burgers. It is always a pleasure to treat our taste buds to such amazing delicacies.  Let’s dig in with both of our hands, and devour every last bite of the burger. 

Top 10 Burger Places In Ahmedabad

1. Salim Burger

top 10 burger places in ahmedabad | Salim Burger
Source: Instagram/thefreshfood

University baju gaya hov, ane Salim Bhai nu Burger na khaao, evu bane? It should definitely top the list. Salim’s Burgers are so appetizing that you would drool just at the sight of it. The best on the menu is Schezwan Peri Peri Burger. Dipped in Schezwan sauce and spices, this burger is to die for. Every Amdavadi loves Salim’s burgers. No one can compete in this matte, Salim Bhai na Burger no taste j alag chhe. 

Avg Cost: 200/- for two.

Location: University Area, Ahmedabad 

Must-try Dishes: Schezwan Peri Peri Burger, Danish Bun with Nutella

2. Mc Donald’s

top 10 burger places in ahmedabad | Mc D
Source: Instagram/mestradar

Talking about the burgers, how can we forget the OG in the field? One can literally visit McDonald’s every day and try out a new flavour every other day. As a kid, we used to visit McD to get a Happy Meal with a toy, that was the happiest hour for us. We all love to order the Maharaja Mac and dig in it for Friday dinner. The best thing about McD meals is, it comes with crispy fries. Veg Maharaja Mac and Peri Peri Fries, here we come! Oh, we have a fun tip too; sprinkle peri-peri on the burger, you will love it even more. 

Avg Cost:  300/- for two.

Location: Multiple Branches in Ahmedabad 

Must-try Dishes: Maharaja Mac, Mc Veggie, Mexican Mc Aloo Tikki

3. The Poutinerie

top 10 burger places in ahmedabad | Pouteniere
Source: Zomato

The Poutinerie’s burgers are drenched in cheese, and that’s what we love about it. The heavenly taste is the stairway to heaven. Their Cheesy Supreme Burger turns more appetizing as you savor it more and more. Our fingers will get coated with cheesy sauce, but that’s the fun part, right? We cannot wait to hog on.

Avg Cost: 400/- for two.

Location: Sindhu Bhavan, Ahmedabad 

Must-try Dishes: Cheesy Supreme Burger, Paneer Makhani Poutines, The Poutinerie Burger

4. Food Adda

Food adda
Source: Instagram/shuddhbliss

Are you looking for a place to hang out with friends? Food Adda is the place! Their huge burgers satisfy every craving that we may have. The burgers are as fulfilling as a three-course meal. Food Adda is an affordable burger joint serving scrumptious food. Food Adda ka burger nahi khaaya toh kya khaaya? Order their melting cheeseburger for a heavenly experience. 

Avg Cost: 400/- for two. 

Location: Multiple branches in Ahmedabad

Must-try Dishes: Melting Cheese Burger, Mexican Veg Burger

5. Mr. Jumbo

Mr Jumbo
Source: Instagram/mrjumboahmedabad

Mr. Jumbo stands true to its name and serves giant burgers. At first, you’d be figuring out how to eat it, and in a minute you’d be digging in with both hands. Jumbo Special Burger tops the list of our favorites from the menu. It is a wholesome treat and good enough for two people. 

Avg Cost: 300/- for two.

Location: Memnagar, Ahmedabad 

Must-try Dishes: Jumbo Special Burger,  Cheese Chilly Garlic Puff

6. Tummy Fillers

Tummy fillers
Source: Instagram/foodie.holic

Tummy Fillers’ burgers will fill your stomach with Aloo Tikki, and your heart with happiness. Their Cheesy Filler Burger is already calling us. It is filled with veggies, and slices of cheese. One bite and the cheese melts in your mouth. We can feel the taste already, let’s go then?

Avg Cost: 300/- for two.

Location: Multiple branches in Ahmedabad 

Must-try Dishes: Cheesy Filler Burger, My Magic Filler 

7. Burgometry

Source: Instagram/acouplewithfork

Burgometry must become every Amdavadi’s go-to place for innovative burger flavors. It is solely dedicated to burgers. Their menu is unique and the taste is truly authentic. It is an underrated burger joint and surely deserves more taste buds as they serve scrumptious food. The crisp and cheese tower burger can be shared between the two, and you would love it for its crispy texture and cheesy base.

Avg Cost: 300/- for two.

Location: Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Must-try Dishes: Crisp and cheese tower burger, Big Mayo crunch 

8. Grill’d And More

Grilld N More
Source: Zomato

For the love of burgers, Grill’d And More is here to serve you delicious dishes. Grilled especially for you, the paneer burger is worth every penny. Paneer is always a good combination with anything, and here it wins the race too. You are in for an appetizing ride.

Avg Cost: 250/- for two. 

Location: Satellite, Ahmedabad 

Must-try Dishes: Paneer Burger, Bad As Burger

9. Burger King

Burger King
Source: Instagram/mschungry

Who’s the real king? Burger King. If you are looking for an affordable burger treat, doors to Burger King are open. Dig into your favourite classic Veg Burger and sip coke on the side. It is the perfect option if you want to have basic burgers at pocket-friendly rates.

Avg cost: 400/- for two.

Location: Multiple Branches in Ahmedabad 

Must-try Dishes: Veg Burger, Whopper Burger

10. Brown Burger Co.

Brown Burger
Source: Instagram/thesavouryspree

 If you are looking for a healthy burger option, Brown Burger Co is the place. Made in a wheat bun, their Pizza Burger is the perfect blend of pizza toppings and veggies.  This fusion burger is worth a bite and will make you want more of it. The burgers are healthy, scrumptious, and drool-worthy. Do not believe us? Try it today.

Avg Cost: 500/- for two.

Location: Bopal, Ahmedabad

Must-try Dishes: Pizza Burger, Mexican Island Burger

These are the top 10 burger places in Ahmedabad. All of them have their own authentic taste and are delicious. Decide a place for your next burger adventure, and tag us if you visit any one of these places.


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