10 Basic Baking Tips You Need to Know

 “Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored” Yes, we too are bored in our house. With nothing to do we’ve had a lot of failed as well as successful attempts at cooking. As people say “Cooking is an art, mastered by patience and practice” so we went ahead developed both. Yet we fail on some days and succeed in others. There is this one form of cooking we often do so rarely. This quarantine brought us to work towards that particular skill. Don’t think too much it is Baking! So here are 10 Basic Baking Tips You Need to Know, that will help you in preparing and falling in love with all the baked goodies.

10 Basic Baking Tips

1. Follow the Recipe and Read it well Before Hand

Baking is an art that has a lot of different techniques and procedures. You will find recipes that will have something or the other difference in the method. Make sure you follow one recipe from start to end for results.

2. Use Softened Butter

If the butter is too frozen then there will be chunks of butter in your batter which after baking will result in only chunks or parts that taste only butter. Harden butter does not mix well with the batter. Softened or room temperature butter gives a creamy texture to the batterClick Here for quick tips to soften the butter.

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3. Always Sift Through the Dry Ingredients

The dry ingredients that you use make sure that you sift them while adding and mixing in the bowl. This helps the in making the dry ingredients to become lighter and also helps the batter to be airy. Sift the dry ingredients whenever you are baking.

4. Setting up of Ingredients

It is important to set up the ingredients before starting the whole baking process. This is because it helps as we know baking involves a lot of ingredients. It will be easy if you have all the ingredients out so that you can measure and add them directly. As you need to be continuously beating and mixing up the ingredients. It also helps you to not forget anything important while baking.

5. Do not hurry into the process

If you hurry the baking process there are chances that you might over beat or under beat the batter. You also need to measure before adding the ingredients and a simple mistake can destroy the chances of reaching the necessary perfection.

6. Over mixing affects gluten

You need to take care of the mixing part as over mixing can affect the texture of the baked product.

Basic Baking Tips| Over Mixing

7. Measure the ingredients properly

Measuring is one of the most important steps in the baking process. One misstep in the measuring can put all your hard work to waste.

Basis Baking Tips| Measuring

8. Mix the dry and wet ingredients separately

The most common mistake that people make is that they first mix the dry ingredients and then add the wet ingredients one by one in the dry mixture or vice versa. This affects the texture of the whole baking dish. 

9. Keep your oven door closed

Do not open it in the middle of the baking process, constant oven temperature is important in baking.

10. Cool the Baked goods well after they are baked

The baking does not fully end after you take things out of the oven. The final result and the moment of truth are when it is cooled off.

So here are 10 Basic Baking Tips That you Need to know the next time you plan on baking at home.Most importantly don’t give up on baking! Be confident that you can only improve as a baker with all your attempts. What dish do you love to bake the most? Do let us know in the comments below.

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