5 Best Cafes For Booklovers In Ahmedabad

Are you a food fan who loves to read books equally? Do you also like places where you can eat and read too? Spending your leisure time at its best! Isn't it a packaged deal though? A book lover's paradise indeed! Where one can read while relishing some delicious food items. Or you can simply relax with a cup of tea/coffee while reading your favorite author. There are some exciting and innovative places like this in the city. We have curated a list of the 5 best cafes for booklovers in Ahmedabad for you. You will absolutely love being by yourself here.

1. The Project Café

5 best cafes for booklovers in Ahmedabad| The project cafe
Source: archilovers.com

The Project Café is in Ambavadi. The café specializes in Italian and Continental cuisine. It is popular for its artistic where you can spend quality time by either reading, writing, or simply observing its unique ambiance and art. You can simply come here to finish your project or complete that remaining art of yours! The café is also known for organizing creative events regularly. A cozy and beautiful place that provides a wide range of coffee options and some yummiest desserts.

Must-try Food Items – Cheese Spinach Balls, Blueberry Cheesecake, Vegetable Lasagna, Mexican Rice, Cheese Nachos.

2. Café Soul Square

5 best cafes for booklovers in Ahmedabad| Cafe soul square
Source: soulsquare/ Instagram

Café Soul Square is in Bodakdev. The eatery serves Italian and North Indian cuisines along with fast food and beverages. The motto of the café “Read well and eat healthily” would inspire you to visit this place. The café has a well-stocked library with some amazing books starting from fiction, photography, lifestyle, and children’s books. It is also known to celebrate a healthy lifestyle with a passion for reading. You can indulge in your desired delicacies while sitting in a corner reading your favorite book without getting disturbed. As the café is popular for its comfortable and cozy seating.

Must-try Food Items – Hot Chocolate, Potato Wedges, Nutella Cold Coffee, Cappuccino, Mexican Platter.

3. Karma Café

5 best cafes for booklovers in Ahmedaba| Karma cafe
Source: hungrito.com

Karma Café is on Ashram road and is one of the hidden gems of the city. It is a quaint corner in the lively city of Ahmedabad. The café celebrates the philosophy of Gandhian ideology and has a soothing ambiance with inside and outside seating options. It offers lip-smacking Gujarati snacks, thalis, and serves varieties of healthy khichdi. The café-cum-library is surrounded by a wide range of books based on culture and Gandhian ideology. The art gallery of the café is also one of its beautiful highlights. You should definitely visit this place for its good energy and peaceful vibes where you can work/read in a corner with some good food.

Must-try Food Items – Kadhi, Khichdi, Sev Tameta nu Shak, Bhakri, Thepla.

4. Prithvi Art Celebration Cafe

famous cafe of book lovers in ahmedabad| Prithvi art celebration
Source: JustDial

Prithvi Café lies in Ambavadi. The cafe is a lively café bursting with energy with an impressive collection of books showcased there. It is an open café with lush greenery having a peaceful and welcoming ambiance. If you are an avid reader or an occasional reader, you can absolutely walk optimistically in the café as its collection has something for all. It also provides wonderful reading spaces and some delicious food items which you can savor while reading your favored book in solitude.

Must-try Food Items – Falafel, Hummus, Brown Blast Thick Shake, Cheese Paprika Fondue.

5. Turquoise Villa

book lovers paradise n ahmedabad| turquoise villa
Source: cafeturquiosevilla.com

Turquoise Villa is in Vastrapur. The place serves North Indian and Italian cuisine along with some delightful desserts and beverages. It is popular for its nice décor and peaceful ambiance. It also gives you a positive vibe and offers the right environment where you can eat your comfort food with a good book. You can always carry your current read to the café to enjoy its soothing atmosphere.

Must-try Food Items – Cheese Fondue, Pesto Pasta, Mojito, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chocolate Fondue, Bruschetta, Nachos.

We’re thrilled to know your favorite café from the list of the 5 best cafes in Ahmedabad.

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