7 Easy To Make Breakfast Dishes

How many times do you plan your mornings in such a way that you will have breakfast at home? Well, almost never. Because we all know, it never works out in your favour. Go wake up tomorrow and plan on making a healthy and yummy breakfast! Here are some easy to make breakfast dishes you can cook for yourself at home. With a few preparations before hand, you can have a healthy breakfast at home. Below listed are food items you would love to cook for yourself or your family.

1. Sooji Upma

Sooji upma is made up with the help of semolina and vegetables. You can serve it with a bowl of coconut chutney to make up for the best breakfast.

Recipe: https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/upma-savoury-south-indian-breakfast-recipe-made-with-semolina/

2. Semiya upma / Vermicelli upma

This is a very popular version of Upma itself. Similarly, Vermicelli upma is a mix of carrot, peas and such vegetables to give you a yummier and healthier taste.Recipe: https://www.faskitchen.com/vermicelli-upma-masala-semiya/

3. Ravaa idli

A simple yet most popular South Indian breakfast dish. Ravaa idli is made up of semolina instead of rice batter. This one is instant and much easy to make.Recipe: https://blogexplore.com/food/breakfast/rava-idli-recipe-instant-rava-idli/

4. Khaman-dhokla

This food item is originally from the state of Gujarat. Khaman-Dhokla is made up with a fermented batter of rice and split chickpeas. In addition, you can always choose to prepare the batter at night and give it a rest. This is your one way to healthy breakfast option.Recipe: https://vegecravings.com/khaman-dhokla-recipe/

5. Poha

This one is a very famous Maharashtrian breakfast. Poha is flattened rice. To make it tasty, add some onions, peanuts, pomegranate and you’re done.Recipe: https://yummyindiankitchen.com/kanda-poha-recipe-maharashtrian-style-how-to-make-poha/

6. Paneer Bhurji Paav

Are you a breakfast person? Well, I’m and I love to have breakfasts. And, moreover a healthy breakfast. Here is a food dish you could make very easily. Moreover, replace your paav with brown or multigrain bread to make it a nutritious breakfast.Recipe: https://www.archanaskitchen.com/spicy-paneer-bhurji-pav-sandwich-recipe-spiced-cottage-cheese-bun-sandwich

7. Methi Thepla

To make thepla early in the morning is a dull task. But, with some pre handled preparation, it is easy to make. Prepare a healthy plate of thepla and serve it with chilled dahi.Recipe: https://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/64355/multigrain-methi-theplaTell us, which of these easy breakfast dishes you love the most! I know, most of the breakfast options here require a pre-preparation. However, you know it can be easy to go task, only if you love your food so much! 

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