Fun, Fries And Pizza With American Food House

Challenges always get humans interested, don’t they? One such challenge of American Food House got me. And being a foodie, I took it upon myself to complete it. A 30 inch Pizza, 2 people, 60 mins to complete. Complete it and the pizza is free also a photo of you on the WALL OF FAME.With an empty stomach and a will to finish the challenge, we started with some items just to make our stomachs practice for the real game. As JOEY did before the Thanksgiving turkey.

1. Rocket 88 Jumbo Size

American Food House
Source: Hungrito

A well-made pizza crust and toppings of onion, capsicum, corn, and olive. Just perfect pizza for me. The toppings tasted great.

2. Indian Chef Story

I have tasted many Non-Veg pizzas. But this one, I will always remember. The Ham chicken was the best thing. With onions, capsicum, paprika chicken, ham chicken tikka. 

American Food House
Source: Hungrito

3. Wolverine’s Rage Burger

The name itself is so interesting. I had to taste this one. And believe me, it’s not only the name that’s great. The burger is really really interesting.

American Food House
Source: Hungrito

4. Pontiac Firebird 30inch Pizza

Coming to the real deal here. A humongous 30inch pizza was served. With onion, capsicum and paneer paprika on top. We thought it would not be a tough thing to complete it. But I hardly could complete one slice of it. It tasted delicious and looked so beautiful. I have to improve my foodie skills.

American Food House: Food | American Food House
Source: Hungrito

5. Kids how I met your mother

I don’t know how they come up with these interesting names. A red velvet milkshake was perfect to compliment this food.

Fantastic culinary delights
Source: Hungrito

6. Optimus Prime Loaded Fries

The prime loaded fries topped with the bell peppers, sauces, mayonnaise, is really a must-have. A perfect dish to complete the entire meal.

Amazing culinary delights
Source: Hungrito

We're thrilled to know if you finished your pizza at the American Food House! To know more about this awesome city and the life of Hungrito in the city follow us on FacebookInstagram.

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