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Places In Ahmedabad Serving The Best Italian Food

Are you someone who is fond of Italian cuisine? Or if spaghetti Aglio olio, pasta arrabbiata, and pizzas are your go-to options to demolish your hunger, then you will be curious to know about the best kinds of pasta and pizzas available in the town.
We can never get enough of Italian food, right? So, let’s dig right into the list of places in Ahmedabad serving the best Italian food.

1. Little Italy

Places in ahmedabad serving the best italian food| Little italy

Little Italy is situated on SG Highway near Rajpath Club. It offers tasty Italian dishes. The place has an option of bread-based dishes, desserts, and soups apart from the regular pasta and pizza. It serves many delicious food items and it is difficult for foodies like us to choose from.
Must-Try Dishes – Wood Burn and Nirvana Pizza, Focaccia Pizza.

2. Tinello

places in Ahmedabad serving the best Italian food| Tinello
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Tinello is in Hyatt and is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. It is a sophisticated place with a relaxed atmosphere. It serves iconic Italian dishes and also has vegan food options. Tinello takes you on a ride of fragrances and flavors of traditional Italian cuisine.
Must-Try Dishes – Spaghetti, Lasagna.

3. Sale And Pepe

Spaghetti| Sale and pepe

Sale and Pepe lie in Thaltej. The place is well recognized for its authenticity, courteous staff, and lovely ambiance. It is also best in its discerning food taste and uniqueness. An imperative dish to try known as spaghetti Pama rosa is made of delicious pink creamy tomato sauce and fresh ingredients.
Must-Try Dishes – Pesto Spaghetti, Cottage Cheese Pizza, Spaghetti Parma Rosa, Mushroom Ravioli, Elderberry Drink.

4. Nini’s Kitchen

places in Ahmedabad serving the best Italian food| Nini's kitchen
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There are three branches of Nini’s kitchen across the city. It is on IIM road, in prahalad nagar, and in chandkheda. They make their own fresh pizza dough and have customizable options for the base. The amazing graffiti on the wall and brightly lit decor are welcoming.
Must-Try Dishes – Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Pasta Alfredo, Classic Italian Pizza, Italian Hot Cocoa.

5. The Blue Oven

italian cuisines ahmedabad| The blue oven

The Blue Oven is located in Vastrapur. The place is well-known for making its own pizza with all the fresh ingredients and herbs. The authentic taste and beautiful ambiance are the highlights of this eatery.
Must-Try Dishes – Pepperoni Pizza, Different Varieties of Red Sauce Pizza, Cheese Garlic Toast.

6. Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo

italian food restaurant| Fozzie's pizzaiolo

Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo is situated in Bodakdev. It is one of the best places in the town which serves the best pizzas along with board games to play and books to read. This aesthetic place has walls that are painted in bright colors and interesting wall hangings.
Must-Try Dishes – Three Cheese Pizza, Pizza Cake, Arrabiata Pasta.

7. Firangi Bake

pasta and pizzas| Firangi bake
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Firangi Bake is an eatery that has many outlets across the city. So, if you are anywhere in the city Firangi Bake can come to your rescue for all your pasta and pizza cravings. This restaurant provides a home delivery service. The place is also popular for its unique taste. The food combination on the menu is a delight.
Must-Try Dishes – Lasagna, Mac N Cheese Pasta.

8. Oven Story Pizza

different types of pizzas and pasta| Oven story
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Oven Story Pizza has a chain of eateries that has 11 branches in the town. If you are in any part of the city, you can definitely fulfill your pizza or pasta cravings from any of these outlets. The place is well-known for its delicious varieties of next-level cheese pizzas and fresh food items.
Must-Try Dishes – Veg Overload Pizza, Middle Eastern Supreme, Picante Paneer Pizza.

Enlighten us about your favorite Italian dish from the list of these places in Ahmedabad serving the best Italian food.
Keep Calm And Eat Italian!

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