As we all know, monsoon has already made its way here. The best way to enjoy monsoon is with those crispy hot bhajiyas, slurpy Maggi, butter masala corn, kadak masaledar chai, and soothing hot coffee. But, how about trying something different this monsoon? So here I am with a simple recipe about stuffed papad. Try this once and I’m sure, it’ll make your monsoon delightful!

Masala Papad Recipe:

Stuffed Papad
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You’re just five steps away from making this delicious, crispy and crunchy snack!

1: You need to take 2 papads and cut it into half.

2: For the stuffing, you’ll need onions, capsicum, paneer, tomatoes, chili powder, raw mango powder and salt as per taste.

3: Saute all the veggies, in a pan with 2-3 tablespoons of oil in it.

4: Fill the stuffing in the papads, which we had cut down in Step 1 and secure the papad with the maida slurry.

5: Fry the stuffed papads in the hot cooking oil. Once done, serve them in a plate and garnish them with cilantro leaves.

So the easy-peasy, crispy, crunchy snack gets ready in just a few steps. Try it today.

Stuffed Papad
Source: Google

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