“A cup of chai is a cup of peace.”

First thing that comes into your mind after getting out of the bed is- A garma-garam Chai. In India, it is more than just a cup of tea to start the day, it is a sentiment. ā€œEk cutting mangwa deā€ is literally the solution to every problem. Sar dard? Thakkan? Pyar? Mehmaan? Arranged Marriage? So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a cup of tea, sip it and just relate.

1. The Ultimate Tea Obsession

Arre-O-Chotu, ek cutting laana.

Chai| Tea obsession
Source: easydiner.com

2. Chai piiyoge? Does this even qualify as a question?

Yeh bhi koi puchne kii baat hai jii.

Chai | Drink chai
Source: everylittlecrumbs.com

3. As soon as The Keetli comes.

Here is my little cup of joy.

Chai| Tea kettle
Source: kettle-chai.coo

4. The First Sip

Cola-Shola sab apni jagah..chai ka kaam sirf chai he kar sakti hai.

Chai| First sip
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5. You love to drink your tea slowly

Making the ā€˜surrrrrrrrā€™ or ā€˜shhrpppā€™ sounds. Doesn’t matter if people around you are getting irritated.

Beverage for tea enthusiasts| Drink slowly
Source: curlytales.com

6. Where are the biscuits?

The only time when Monaco, Parle-G and Marie are given the attention that they deserve.

Tea lovers| Chai and biscuits
Source: theindianwire.com

7. The Addiction

Adrak aur Tulsi daal k kadak krna bhaiya!

8. Chai pe charcha

Chit-Chats are  just incomplete without tea. All you need is Ek garam chai ki pyaali aur doo dost.


9. Tea can heal Anything and Everything, Literally. 

Nothing else matters as long as you are having a tea by your side.

various winter teas| Chocolate chai
Source: recipestonourish.com

10. When they say ā€œITNI CHAI ACHI NAIā€

Kisine pucha apse?

Amusing things about our favorite beverage| Chai it, you will like it
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Tea is the most popular beverage in this country. No matter how varied the flavours are, being a tea addict you just try each one of them. So just it,like it and sip it. To know more about this awesome city and the life of Hungrito in the city follow us on Facebook, Instagram

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