The Most Absurd Food Dishes You’ll Ever Come Across

India is a land of royal and multiple cuisines. The rich delightful cuisines, mind blowing variety of robust food flavors, and innumerable food dishes of various kinds! It emphasis the beauty of our culture and customs. But did you know that there are several food dishes which are unusual? The bizarre, exotic, absurd, or weird food dishes. If you are a fearless foodie then you must try these out! Let us venture into the list of most absurd food dishes you’ll ever come across today and then you can decide whether you wanna try them out or not!

1. Croissant Vada Pav

The Most Absurd Food Dishes You'll Ever Come Across| Croissant vada pav

How about a quintessential street food – Vada pav? You’d never say no for a vada pav. But have you ever tasted a croissant vada pav? It literally is a blasphemy for all the vada pav lovers and is a treat for all the food fanatics. It is the mixture of our beloved vada pav and the exotic coffee companion croissant. Are you baffled by this weird food combination?

2. Haldi Halwa

The Most Absurd Food Dishes You'll Ever Come Across| Haldi halwa

Tasted the mouth-watering gajjar ka halwa, suji halwa, badaam halwa, etc. But have you ever tasted the delicious haldi halwa? If not, then you should try it as haldi has great medicinal properties and has immense healing power. It is also a wonder spice which boosts and strengthens our immunity. This delightful sweet is made from turmeric and jaggery.

3. Benami Kheer

The Most Absurd Food Dishes You'll Ever Come Across| Benami kheer

Don’t get shocked if you get the flavor of garlic in this dessert. It is one of the legendary dessert from Awadhi kitchens, which was not given a proper name. Because the chefs who invented this sweet dish didn’t want to reveal the secret ingredient of the kheer, that is garlic. Garlic is crushed and cooked in the milk for hours to give it a nutty flavor. Are you startled already?

4. Ice-cream Vada Pav

Wierd culinary combinations| Ice cream vada pav

A true Indian can never say no for a vada pav and a glass of the perfect aadrak wali chai. But how would you react to an inc-cream vada pav on your plate? Are you thinking that we are joking here? No, we aren’t! Ice-cream vada pav is a sweet food dish where a scoop of ice-cream is stuffed between the delightful pav. Garnish it with the sweet tutti-fruties and you are good to go!

5. Khorisa

wierd combos| Khorisa
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Khorisa is a famous Assamese dish made of young tender shoot of different bamboo species. It is a healthy, spice-free, easy-to-cook, and versatile dish which is equally delicious. It can also be eaten in a fermented, raw, or pickled form. Are you shocked or surprised after knowing this?Do tell us how surprised were you after knowing about these weird food dishes or combos. Enlighten us about your preference from this list of the most absurd food dishes you’ll ever come across.

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