5 Different Types Of Fondues In Ahmedabad

When we talk about fusion food in Ahmedabad, we have some of the really good options available around us. And one among them is Fondues. Fusion food is something in the mixed form of desi food with a videsi twist. The main dish remains the same, but it is modified and presented in the form of fondue. So basically fondue means a dish in which one dip/sauce is served along with the pieces of the type of fondue. Let’s see some of the different types of fondues found in Ahmedabad.

Types of Fondues

1. Cheese Fondue, Cuppuccino Cafe:

Source: Hungrito

For all the cheese lovers, this fondue is just love. The melted cheese is served in the form of a dip in addition with sauteed veggies, breadsticks, pita bread, paneer marinated in barbecue sauce.

2. Pizza Fondue, Cuppuccino Cafe:

Types Of Fondues
Source: @all_about_f0od 

The delicious and crispy pizza pocket stuffed with veggies and cheese is dish up with melted cheese sauce in order to enjoy this cheesy delicacy.

3. Pav Bhaji Fondue, The Red Bistro:

Source: @lost_in_flavours

Pav Bhaji Fondue is plated up with spicy Mumbai style bhaji especially for the masala pav pieces to be relished with.

4. Dal Makhani Fondue, The Red Bistro:

Types Of Fondues
Source: @mr.fooodlover

Traditional dal makhani served in a fondue-style is even more delicious. Moreover, the naan/roti is deduced to smaller chunks so that it can be easily dipped in the dal makhani.

5. Chocolate Fondue, La Patron:

Source: @spice_n_snickers

The Chocolate fondue is something unique! Here the melted chocolate as well as cookies, fresh fruit pieces and brownie crumbs are offered together.

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