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Bansi Chhatralia

8 Fusion Dishes That'll Make You Drool Right Away

If you happen to be a food lover then you might have felt like "aaj kuch toofani karte hein when it comes to the OG food!" And let's agree that we all wonder at times about how we can mix and match certain culinary delights which transforms into a complete new dish! Well, fusion food […]

7 Lip Smacking Chaat Dishes From Across India That You Cannot Miss!

A big hellowww to all you chatoras out there! 😛 We know that you have got a list of all the chaatwallas that you swear by, cause street food is LOVE! Chaat dishes are a magic served on a plate and the chaatwalla bhaiya is a magician for us. And who does not love a […]
Yummy food dishes| Feature image

Where To Travel In India For The Best Food

Do you also get high on food just like us? And are also fond of traveling? If its a YES both the ways then reading this blog will not disappoint you! It'll transport you into a beautiful world of culinary delights and colorful vibes. We're always thrilled to watch the alluring food photos of other […]
Foods to make when you feel lazy| Rava dosa

7 Meal Options For When You Feel Lazy

Aren't we all fond of three things in life: Food, Food, and Food? :p Food and cooking are the two most important and incredibly fantastic part of our lives indeed! But there are times when we're starving but are too lazy to make a full meal. And we're really looking forward to indulging into something […]
Types of tempting crepes | Feature image

10 Pancake Ideas For The Creative Cook In You

Rise and shine buddy, it's pancake timeeee! Pancakes are love, isn't it? Whether You're looking for tasty breakfast meals or lazy evening snacks we've got you all covered with all the inventive snack ideas. Also, if you're a proud kitchen owner who is fond of experimenting in the kitchen then you'll love these creative pancake […]

Tasteful Dishes You Can Make With Paneer

Ek paneer butter masala, 3 naan, ek biriyani, aur starter me ek paneer tikka kar dijiye please!!! Making sure that you order at-least one paneer dish when you want to eat from outside. Most of the times, right? Paneer is one of the famous food items that has also made its way as the staple […]
Homemade chutney| Feature image

Types Of Chutneys You Can Easily Make At Home

Vada-Pav, Samosa, Kachori, Sandwich, anyone? Imagine eating the absolute flavorsome variants of chutneys with your favorite food dish! If you are obsessed with various flavorful chutneys or dips then try making these at home and indulge into these deliciousness. We've pulled out a list of types of chutneys that will go along with all your […]

Unique Serveware Items You Need To Buy Now

Our dining table and the kitchen are the two frequently visited places at home. Cause we all believe that food tells stories, isn't it? We are aware of the fact that the presentation of food on the table sets our mood for dining, even at home! If you are somebody who loves the alluring serveware […]

6 Tasty Food Dishes You Can Make With Mangoes

Hola dear foodies, Where you at? Calling all the mango lovers here! Do you also wish how lovely it would be if the mango season was all year? As we spend most of the summer eating this amazing fruit, then why not make some tasty dishes from mangoes. Mango is an immunity-boosting fruit that is […]
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10 Ice-Cream Places In Ahmedabad That'll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Looking for some fantastic ice-cream places this summer season? Cause sunny days of summer are a perfect mood for the flavorful ice-creams! Let us all agree that the pleasure of relishing cooling desserts when the mercury level rises up is truly unbeatable. Are you keen to ride on with the amazing and appetizing ice-creams this […]
Spicy food ingredients| Feature image

Ingredients That Help Add That Extra Spicy Touch To Your Food

Uff, uff mirchi! Hai, hai mirchi! Singing this song in your head while making yourself a mouth-watering spicy food dish? Well, if you find the spices intimidating and are looking for some not-so-common ingredients that will add that extra spiciness to your food, then hold on. Grab a bowl of makhana and plant yourself on […]
Good food good life| Feature image

5 Ways To Reduce Food Wastage This Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to create awareness and increase the efforts towards conversing the environment. As much as, we love all things food we still are the global citizens responsible for taking better steps towards conserving the environment and making it sustainable for everyone. This does not mean that […]
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