Cafes Near Bodakdev That Are Worth Visiting | Part-1

Ahmedabad has always been a Food Hub with lots of varieties ranging from Gujarati Farsan’s to the Fancy Food. And we as foodies, always get confused on what to eat and where to eat. So most of the times we end up going to the same old places and have the same old dishes. Does this happen to you too? Ughh! I can feel you. And so here is a solution to all your food problems. Bringing to you the Best Cafes Near Bodakdev: Part 1 that you should try out. And not only the cafes, I’ve even mentioned the best dishes that you must try out at these cafes. Check them out:


Mocha | Best Cafes Near Bodakdev: Part 1
Source: Google Images | Prerna Gosai

All-time favourite cafe for all the Amdavadi’s *Mocha*. This place has a chic ambience and you would always find it packed up with youngsters. Their service is prompt and the food is super delicious.

Must-Have:  Mocha china box, Cottage Cheese Medallion Sizzler, Chocolate Avalanche, Kiwi Mojito, Berry Blast.

Hungrito Rating: 4.9/5

Cafe Scrabble

Cafe Scrabble | Best Cafes Near Bodakdev: Part 1
Source: Deval Nagrecha | Mini Choudhary

A pretty decent place at the most prime location of Ahmedabad. A cafe that isn’t just about food but has a lot of amazing games such as Sequence, Jenga, Ludo and much more. They also have books there, just in case you are not a gamer.

Must-Have: Black Mojito, Lasagna, Spinach Khichdi, Nutella Whipped Cream Waffle.

Hungrito Rating: 4.4/5

Cafe De Italianio

CDI | Best Cafes Near Bodakdev: Part 1
Source: Hungrito

This cafe has swings as seats!! Do you need some other reason to visit there? If yes, then the cafe serves Monster Freakshake which will make you drool over it again and again. And moreover, you can enjoy all this with soft music.

Must-Have: Monster Freak Shake, Pink Pasta, Apple Mint Mojito, Nutella Waffle With Fresh Strawberries.

Hungrito Rating: 4.5/5

The Cafe Baraco

The Cafe Baraco | Best Cafes Near Bodakdev: Part 1
Source: Saurabh Napit | Devlina Talapatra

It feels bliss when you get amazing food and super classy ambience both at the same place. Cafe Baraco is one of the kind, where you’ll get both them. And the best part is that they serve till 1 AM, so now your late night cravings are sorted too.

Must-Have: Cheese Chilli Fries, Cottage Cheese Lasagna, Hot Crumble Chocolate Jar, Jumbo Baraco Sandwich.

Hungrito Rating: 4.7/5

I love Sandwich house

I Love Sandwich House | Best Cafes Near Bodakdev: Part 1
Source: jainfoodgasm | Hungrito

A sandwich-centred place, what else would you wish for? I Love Sandwich House has different loaves of bread and options of fillings available. This place is quite spacious with minimal decor. They have tried to kept it simple yet authentic.

Must-Have: Hot Chocolate, Pesto Caprese Grilled Sandwich, Masala Bhurji Sandwich, Toblerone Shake, English Berry Waffles.

Hungrito Rating: 4.6/5


Bambooza | Best Cafes Near Bodakdev: Part 1
Source: Google Images | Rajiv Vassanji

Bambooza is a great place if you are looking for a cafe where you can take your loved ones for a pre-planned date. They even have options for decorating the place on your specials days. Their chef specials are a must try.

Must-Have: Mint Mojito, Palak Noodles, Butter Garlic Fries, Mexican Hot Pot, The Woodcutter Pizza.

Hungrito Rating: 4.4/5

Cafe Nifoo

Source: Hungrito

Are you too very sensitive when it comes to fries? And do you also want your fries to be just perfect? Then you must try out Nifoo. This is the best place in Ahmedabad to have delicious fries in different varieties and at a very decent price.

Must-Have: Cheesy Goodness, Peri Peri Pries, The Mixed Herb Fries, Chilli Mayo Fries.

Hungrito Rating: 4.5/5

Whatta Waffle!

Whattawaffle | Best Cafes Near Bodakdev: Part 1
Source: Google Images | Hungrito

One stop destination for waffles. You can choose your own style of waffles and flavours. You’ll give your taste buds a great treat when you are at Whatta Waffle!

Must-Have: Brownie Nutella Puffle, KitKat Pancake, Nutella Thickshake, Choco-Coffee waffwich.

Hungrito Rating: 4.8/5

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