Cheesy Dishes In Ahmedabad

10 Super Cheesy Dishes In Ahmedabad That Will Melt Your Heart

Cheese or Without Cheese?  ME: Double Cheese

Are you one of those, whose restaurant orders include cheese garlic bread, triple cheese pizza, cheese chutney sandwich, cheese paratha and all other cheesy stuff? And the moment your food is served, you can’t wait to put all the grated cheese in your mouth? You devour every slice of cheese with no regrets?  The only thing that is irresistible for you is CHEESE? Then bammm, this post is for you! I’ve listed few super cheesy dishes that you’ll get in Ahmedabad which you need to try out now. Get yourself a cheese slice and let’s go…

1. Cheese Bhel – Jay Bhavani

Cheese is always the secret ingredient, be it with the Indian famous Bhel or the world famous Pizzas.

Super cheesy dishes| Cheese bhel

2. Triple Cheese Pizza – Manek Chowk

For all those who see cheese and feel GRATE. 

Super cheesy dishes| Triple cheese pizza

3. Mac & Cheese – Mocha

Take a huge bite out of that Cheesy Bowl of heaven!

Super cheesy dishes| Mac and cheese

4. Double Enchiladas – Brick Kitchen

Hard to pronounce right? But believe me, once you order, one serve won’t be enough.

Super cheesy dishes| Double enchiladas

5. Cheese Vadapav

Let’s admit it, nothing has been as satisfying as this is. Vadapav being the most popular street food and cheese being the most loved filling, they are made for each other!

Super cheesy dishes| Cheese vada pav

6. Jini Dosa – Manek Chowk

A Balan dosa speciality which is modernised as dosa rolls and topped with cheese.

Super cheesy things| Jini dosa

7. Lasaniya Maggie – Cept Khau Galli

2 min me maggie toh nai banti par 2 min me cheese jarur khatam ho jaati hai.

Delicious food items| Lasaniya maggie

8. Cheese Puff

Would you offer someone a bite of this crispy, potato stuffed cheesy puff or would end up eating this puff in one go?

Delightful food items| Cheese puff

9. Cheese Chili Garlic Toast

If I like you, I’ll make you a cheese toast. If I love you, I’ll grill it.

Yummy food| Cheese chili garlic toast

10. Cheesy Ice cream

Because regular ice creams are too boring, so we prefer cheese on the top.

Good food| Cheesy ice cream

Did you crave for more food after reading this list of the super cheesy dishes available in Ahmedabad? Does this list include your favourite cheesy delights? If not, do let us know on our socials and don’t forget to share this with all the cheese lovers you know!Find us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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