Ways To Have Chocolate

10 Delightful Ways To Have Chocolate In Ahmedabad

“A Balanced Diet Is Chocolate
In Both My Hands”

Chocolate is the most favorite thing to eat for everyone! We are pretty sure that no one would be able to resist if there was chocolate in front of you.

It is more an emotion than a sweet delicacy today. Whenever we are happy, the first thing that comes to our mind is chocolate and even in our sad times, it stays as our true companion.

The best thing about chocolate is that it’s not only limited to bars, but we can have it in so many different ways. And if you are bored of having it in the traditional way, then here we have some unique ways to have chocolate in Ahmedabad in the best possible form.

Doesn’t this sound amazing? YAY!!

Monster Freak Shake

Chocolate In Ahmedabad
Source: Hungrito

From: Cafe De Italiano

Where: Sindhu Bhavan Marg

Price: 450/-

Why: The image says it all! An unbeatable freak shake for all chocolate lovers in Ahmedabad.


From: Sizzling Brownie

Where: Vastrapur

Price: 150/-

Why: Nothing is better than sizzling hot chocolate brownie with deliciously cool ice cream and other toppings. This is the best brownie place in Ahmedabad with affordable prices starting from just 70 Rs.

Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate In Ahmedabad
Source: Hungrito

From: Biskut

Where: Bodakdev

Price: 80/-

Why: Cause why not? Muffins are a delight to eat. Give a variety of chocolate muffins from Biskut

Chocolate Ice Cream

From: Huber and Holly

Where: Multiple stores all around Ahmedabad

Price: 70 to 140/-

Why: Chocolate in the best form – ice cream! A delicacy for all ages, chocolate ice creams is the perfect way to celebrate your love for chocolate.

Chocolate Sandwich

Chocolate Sandwich
Source: Hungrito

From: Law Garden

Price: 50/-

Why: Give this sandwich a try. Topped with chocolate sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and choco-chips, this is deliciousness on a plate.

Chocolate Pancakes

From: Whatta Waffle

Where: Gandhinagar

Price: 200/-

Why: Mouth-wateringly soft chocolate pancakes with melted chocolate drizzled on top….. can’t wait to try these pancakes.

Chocolate Waffles

Chocolate In Ahmedabad
Source: Hungrito

From: Stick With It

Where: Urban Chowk

Price: 150/-

Why: This list is not complete without including chocolate waffles in the mix! With multiple flavor and topping pairings, you are sure to find your perfect waffle here.

Chocolate Gola

Chocolate In Ahmedabad
Source: Hungrito

From: Candy Crush RO Water Gola

Where: Sambhav Press Road

Price: 200/-

Why: Combining two of our childhood favorites, this refreshingly good chocolate gola is a mountain of yumminess.

Hot Chocolate

From: Nini’s Kitchen

Where: Multiple stores in Ahmedabad

Price: 210/-

Why: The perfect winter drink, hot chocolate is an all-time classic way of enjoying chocolates.


 Best Chocolate Cheesecake in Ahmedabad | Hungrito
Source: Hungrito

From: Hoglatto

Where: Vastrapur

Price: 200/-

Why: This melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake is silky smooth with a burst of chocolate flavor.

If you know any other ways to have chocolate in Ahmedabad, do let us know in the comments section.

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