5 Best Cafes in Vadodara 

Are you a student currently studying in one of the finest colleges of Gujarat? Or are you someone who is on a visit, spawned as a result of the many tourist atrractions? Whether as local or as a tourist, Vadodara is a city on the rise that is absolutely worth visiting. Vadodara also known as Baroda, besides the many wonderful tourist spots and really great education institutes also features a brilliant line-up of amazing cafes and restaurants. We are here to fill the tummy of all the foodies on the lookout for the best cafes In Vadodara. 

5 Best Insta-ready cafes in Vadodara

1. Size Zero Cafe

Classy interior of Size Zero Cafe is seen in the image. The Cafe has yellow sofa and chairs and witty posters on the wall. There's also an area in the background with balloons on the ceiling.
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What can you ask from a cafe? Insta-ready interior? Aesthetic ambience? Food that is equally mouth-watering and finger-licking? Size Zero Cafe – Vadodara is the single answer to all these questions. Known for their delicious shakes and sandwiches, this cafe has many outlets all over Gujarat further proving their success at fulfulling their motto – a place for making memories, not just food. Their heart-warming ambience and food has made Size Zero Cafe one of the best cafes in Vadodara.

Must try : Mushroom Chilly Panini, Nutella Toast, Pina Chips Thick Shake

Cost for two : ₹300.

Location : Size Zero Cafe -Vadodara, Satyam Apartments, Jetalpur Rd, Vishwas Colony, Vadiwadi, Vadodara. (Get Directions)

2. Soul Brew Coffee 

Beautiful ambience of Soul Brew Coffee. You can see the counter and coffee machines. The counter is finely designed and the chairs match the design.
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Cafes and coffee lovers go hand-in-hand. Whether you wanna work or read or whether you just wanna have a good time, Soul Brew Coffee will hit just the right spot. The cafe is known for its roastery. Both the amazing food and the amazing ambience add into the tasteful richness of the freshly roasted, freshly brewed coffee. They also sell their freshly roasted coffee beans making it one of the best cafes in Vadodara with its own roastery.

Must try : Long Black, Affogato, Caribbean Cold Coffee. 

Cost for two : ₹600.

Location : Shop No 6, Vasna Rd, Diwalipura, Vadodara. (Get Directions)

3. Times Cafe

Wooden floor and wooden furniture heavy ambience of Times Cafe is met with delicate bleak coloured sofas anf interior to create a phlegmatic vibe.
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The cafe with around 9 branches with a simple motto like “Good times, Great coffee” surely sounds like an overachiever. Times Cafe is easily a prime choice to hangout with friends or colleagues or even for some me time. They have a pleasantly interesting range of books and games that will never let you be bored. The effort behind making the food and the ambience as well as the overall experience shows in their continued success. Moreover, they also have just the right music to accompany your casual experience.

Must try : Son Of Peach, Nachos with cheese and baked bean, New York Style Fries.

Cost for two : ₹600.

Location : 1st Floor Times Square Building, next to Fategunj, Fatehgunj, Vadodara. (Get Directions)

4. Varietea

Subtle white and off white colour themed interior of Varietea Vadodara is met with colourful furniture and purple lamps. There's also a fire hydrant and flower vases in the image.
Source : Varietea Vadodara

Chai is the maddening love of Indians across all ages. The city of Banyan of course isn’t an exception either and with this cafe you won’t have to look further. Varietea is one of the best cafes in Vadodara to quench your special thirst. While their well-thought out design is welcoming and will instantly put your mind at ease their delectable food and drinks will surely leave a lasting impression. Moreover, they even have many cool events and open mic events.

Must try : Creole Pasta, Cheesy Veg Pesto Sandwich, Cheesy Fiesta.

Cost for two : ₹500.

Location : Alkapuri Rd, Sampatrao Colony, Jetalpur, Vadodara. (Get Directions)

5. Central Jail Cafe

A glimpse of the Central Jail themed cafe i.e. Central Jail Cafe. The image show the typical bars from jail that have a board on them with jail style font. There's a table and seating area behind the bars.
Source : Restaurant Guru

Looking for unique themed cafe in Vadodara? Of course, we’ve something for you too. Central Jail Cafe as the name suggests is a cafe themed after a JAIL. Sounds wild right! The jail themed cafe allots  you lockups to do your time. While the ambience and experience are definitely wild and insta-ready, the food is so delectable that this is one jail you won’t ever get out of.

Must try : Masala Tea, Nachos Tikka, Special Cafe Central Sandwich.

Cost for two : ₹600.

Location : Saffron Complex, Fatehgunj, Vadodara. (Get Directions)

The city of Banyan tree features an excellent lineup of cafes and here are our pick of some of the best cafes of Vadodara or Baroda. Do share your memories and experiences at these cafes and let us know if you think we missed any amazing cafes.

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