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Celebrating Women Excelling In The Food Industry- Ahmedabad

It is the 21st century and the power of women is everywhere! International Women's Day is the day to celebrate the achievements and increase...
Food lines| feature image

Interesting Chai Puns

Hello dear food fans, Chai there? We mean to ask whether you're there with a cup of tea or not? If not, then you should...

The Most Absurd Food Dishes You’ll Ever Come Across

India is a land of royal and multiple cuisines. The rich delightful cuisines, mind blowing variety of robust food flavors, and innumerable food dishes...
Places for Hummus in Ahmedabad

Best Places for Hummus in Ahmedabad

There is nothing as good as indulging in something healthy yet so tasty. When it comes to food dips we think that Hummus is...
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5 Best Cafes In Maldives

How about a trip to the year-round holiday destination? Or how about a beach vacation? A place that is a fantasy for the family...
Best Restaurants in Gandhinagar| Cover Image

Best Restaurants in Gandhinagar

Looking for a perfect outing for lunch and dinner to go out with your family or friends? How about planning that outing at a...
The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes| Dosa waffles

The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes

Indians and food - a classic example of an inseparable relationship - which is above and beyond the taste! Being an Indian, aren't we...
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7 ​​Food Items That Are Actually Firangi

Hey dear foodies, Are you someone who absolutely loves the basic Indian food dishes and desserts? Those comfort food platters and indulging sweets such as...
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The Costliest Chocolates You’ll Ever Come Across

Ever heard someone saying no to chocolates? Or someone saying that they absolutely dislike this versatile dessert? Rarely, right? Yes, we know that the world's...

Best Places for Thai Food in Ahmedabad

Did you know which other cuisine has a spicy and flavorful edge to it just like Indian cuisine? Thai cuisine from Thailand is just...