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Fascinating things about culinary delights| Longest cooking records

Food Related World Records You Need To Check Out Right Now

On an average we make few chapatis, dosas, a marshmallow dessert, or a glass of the delicious peanut butter smoothie. We also spend time,...

10 Different Types of Popcorn You Can Get In Ahmedabad

We all miss the popcorn tubs that we used to munch on at the movie theaters. Now even though we can't go to the...
Lesser-Known Food Items Available in Ahmedabad| Feature Image

16 Lesser-Known Food Items Available In Ahmedabad

Are you looking for some new food items to try out? When it comes to food we always have an open mind. Luckily in India, we...
Dry nasta| feature image

Desi Snacks We Can’t Get Enough Of – Part 1

Dear food fans, Ghare j cho ne? Bahar nai jata! Toh pachi ghare su karo cho maja karva mate? Eating a lot of food? We...
Beat the heat food items| Watery fruits

Best Foods To Beat The Heat

Hello dear food fans, Are you all melting? Come on! We aren't ice-creams - we aren't meant to melt! :p Don't you think that its gorgeous...
The importance of protein in your daily diet| Cover Image

The Importance Of Protein In Your Daily Diet

As much as we love the food we also value health just the same. Balancing good health is not that easy especially during these...
Costliest sweets| Gold leaf dry fruit sweet

The Costliest Sweets You’ll Ever Come Across

Hello dear food fans, What do you do when you are craving for something sweet? Umm, spend 10 bucks on a chocolate or spend 100...

Best South Indian Dishes For Breakfast

Wellness is associated with happiness! So, how about being happy the whole day after relishing a leisurely breakfast? Enjoying the morning glory with the...

Delightful Summer Desserts: Melt In

Heya foodies, As we all know that food is something that cheers us all. Now with the summer season digging right in, how can we...
Delicious desserts at home| Feature image

Delightful Ice-cream Sandwiches You Can Make At Home

Are you a part of the cream team? The ice-cream team? Would you not like to scream for an ice-cream? And don't you think...

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5 Must-Have Immunity-Boosting Ingredients

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